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One Shot: For the Dirty Directioner


“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride,” the priest says, smiling proudly at you both

Liam smiles as he leans in towards you. He presses his warm, soft lips against yours and your head starts spinning. You almost forgot that other people were watching you both as you swung your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. You hear the priest cough loudly, almost laughing.

“Save it for the honeymoon, you love birds!” You hear Louis shout. You pull away from your new husband and you can feel the blood rush to your face as you look at everyone’s amused expressions.

Liams arms wrap around you and he brings his lips down to your ear. “I guess we’ll just have to wait.”

* * *

Liam sits you down carefully in the passenger seat of the car, blindfold covering your eyes. He wants you to be surprised when you first see the mystery location he has picked for your honeymoon. You told him it didn’t matter where your honeymoon was, as long as he was with you.

“I’m just trying to do something special for my wife,” he says innocently. You feel his lips against your cheek.

You feel the car come to a complete stop. Your hands start to tremble with a mix of anticipation and fear. We’re here. You hear him set out of the car, running over to open your door for you. You feel yourself being scooped up into his strong arm as his breath tickles your ear. “You can take off the blindfold now, love.”

You let the thick piece of black fabric fall from your eyes with a quick slip of the knot in the back. You gasp as you look at the little cottage in front of you.

Its all wood, small and round, totally surrounded by tall trees. Square windows with the golden light from inside spilling out. Flowers were planted around every corner, filling the air with a sweet smell. You take in a deeper breath and you can smell sea water near by. You hear crashing waves coming from somewhere off in the distance.

Liam carries you through the threshold, and sets you back on your feet to explore as he goes back to get the bags. The floor were dark wood, stopping at the kitchen were beige tiles took its place. There was a little fireplace by the couch. No TV, no computer, but you were okay with this. That just means you have to find other ways to occupy your time, you giggle, looking at the door to the bedroom.

You push open the door, and see a trail of rose petals leading towards the bed. There’s a small breeze coming from the huge glass sliding doors. You look out and see the pale sand of the beach in the moonlight, the waves crashing against it.

“Do you like it, Mrs. Payne?” You hear Liam chuckle softly behind you. You couldn’t take it anymore; you spun around to him, and threw the bags he was carrying out of his hands.

You wrap your arms tightly around his neck and kiss him deeply. He smiles against your lips and his hands slip down to your waist. He kisses you back fiercely and slowly leads you to the bed. He lays you down on the bed and starts running his hands over your back. He slowly unzips your wedding dress and slips it off. You pull off his tux and his pants easily. You loosen his tie and take off his vest and the white undershirt - leaving him in a tie and boxers.

He went to take the tie off himself, but with a smirk, you stop him. “Keep it on for a bit…”

He bites his lip seductively and leans down to kiss your lips. You kiss him back passionately and he runs his hands over your bra. He slowly unhooks it and takes it off while he’s still kissing you and you lightly moan into his mouth. Your eyes still closed, you grab his tie and slowly pull it, making him hover over you.

His warm hands continue massaging you. Your fingers braid into his hair, playing with his soft brown waves. His tongue licks your bottom lip and you open your mouth slightly, allowing him in. His kisses start trailing down your neck, over your chest. You gasp and bite down on your bottom lip, moaning his name.

You then pull away and sit up, tugging at the top of his boxers. You yank them off and hear him moan slightly. You go on your knees and crawl over, resting in between his legs. You’re about to dip your head down, but he stops you.

You feel some rose petals against your back as he leans you back on the bed. You play with a few petals between your finger tips, as he positions himself over you. His strong hands caress your whole body, leaving kisses randomly. Your hands lightly trace over his ab outline, making him shiver.

You feel him enter you slowly, letting you get used to his length. You grip the sheets, pulling on them slightly. He starts thrusting into you, slowly at first. When a moan escapes your lips, he picks up speed. You yank him down by his tie, bring his lips back to yours. Your tongues fight for dominance as his thrusting gets deeper and deeper.

You both moan out in pleasure as you reach your highs. His body collapses next your yours as he pulls you on top of his chest. You curl up to him, his hot sweaty skin under your touch. He tucks a piece of hair behind your ear with a sweet smile on his face, his brown eyes still shining with excitement.

“That was amazing,” he tells you and plants a gentle kiss on your lips. You smile softly and can’t find the right words to say.

He holds you closely and you feel his biceps against you. You smile as he kisses your cheek and says, “Goodnight Mrs. Payne. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“And every morning after that,” you sigh, totally content. You both fall asleep into each others arms.

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