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One shot: for the dirty directioners

*This is in spite about how Kaylie and Heather say i’m not hardcore, and also someone requested me to write a dirty one shot, so here you go, this is a Ziam threesome*

Warning: I know Liam does not drink, but in this case, for my one shot, he does. So please do not blow up the ask box saying that he does not drink, because I know he doesn’t, it’s just for the story :)

It’s 10:30 pm on a Friday night, and you were at your best friend Liam’s flat, along with your really good friend Zayn. You were sitting on his black suede sofa, playing with the white threads hanging off your jeans, while Zayn was scanning through the TV guide, looking through a list of movies and Liam was skimming over a takeout menu, contemplating over food.  

 “Do you guys want anything to drink?” Liam said, smirking to Zayn, and Zayn smiled back at him, with a deceiving stare. “Yeah sure, you can just bring me anything” Liam’s smile grew wider, and Zayn moved himself to his feet, and ran after Liam down the stairs.

 Liam came back with two cases with beer, and Zayn was holding a bottle of Grey Goose, and Smirnoff vodka. You look at them both confused. You’ve never had a drink with them before, and you didn’t even know they drank, until now.

 “Wow, I was just expecting a root beer or something” you said kind of laughing. Zayn grinned “Do you mind getting the shot glasses?” he said tilting his head to Liam’s white cabinets which hung in the kitchen above his black marble counters. You walked over to the cabinets and put your hand on the thick brass handle, and reached for the three shot glasses on the lower shelf. You walked back to the table and you heard the hissing from the beer cans. Every time they brought the can up to their mouths, it would leave a distinctive beer-foam moustache.

 They put their cold beer cans down on the table and Zayn picked up a bottle of vodka and poured it into each of your shot glasses. When he poured it some went over the edge of the glass, trailing down the side of the cup, onto the hardwood table. All three of you picked up your glass and clinked it together “To a fun night” Liam said, you all smiled and you sipped back the vodka, having it burn down your the sides of your throat.

 How many shots have you had? Was the question you kept repeating in your head. You lost count after the third one, and clearly so have they, getting tipsier with every sip. You picked up your shot glass, filled it up with more alcohol and poured it down your throat, feeling almost no pain comparing to the first time you did it. You were sitting fairly close to Liam, and your eyes met. His face was red from the alcohol and his smile grew wide.

 Your lips suddenly crashed on to his. With every kiss you felt the sexual tension grow. You moved your lips down on his neck until you reached the centre. You slowly started to suck on his skin, and you left a love bite over his birthmark, you slowly moved your mouth back up to his and you lips met back together. He started to pull you closer to him, and he pushed you on to his lap. You stopped the kiss, as you felt a slight bulge push upwards on your lower half. You looked at Liam, and he started to smile cheekily. You looked behind yourself to see Zayn, staring at your rear end, biting down hard on his lip.

 You moved backwards towards Zayn, and within an instant his wet liquored lips hit yours. The vodka coming off his lips intsantly started to sting your raw ones. With each peck you felt the alcohol seep deeper into your lips, increasing the burning feeling. You lifted you head up, to see Zayn’s perfectly sculpted face looking straight at you. You turned around to your other side to see Liam, biting down on his lip, possibly so hard that it could start to bleed. 

 You three then gave each other a look. A look that you knew what you were about to do was extremely risky. Something that you may, or may not, regret in the morning.

 The three of you went up the stairs, almost falling a multipule of times due to the amount of vodka you all consumed. You were in Liam’s room and in less than thirty seconds of you being in there the two of them have already started to rip their clothes off, exposing their extremely toned, muscular bodies. They started to forcefully pull your jeans down the sides of your legs, and aggresively pull your shirt off.

 Once you were almost naked, you looked behind you self and saw a trail of clothes leading to the back wall, where you saw Liam and Zayn, kissing each other. Liam’s back was against the wall, while Zayn’s arm was on it, holding him up for support. Zayn saw the love bite you made over Liam’s birthmark and he smirked lightly, he planted his lips in the same spot, and lifted it back up to see that he turned it an ever darker shade of red. With each kiss they took, it seemed to have flowed together almost perfectly. Every maneuver looked almost choreographed, every step that followed the previous one looked perfect.  You saw their tounges outline each of their lips, hitting each and every part of them with a slightly fast pace and pattern, and slithering it’s way back into their mouths continuing on with their passionate kiss. Liam’s other hand was making light circles on Zayn’s back, while Zayn’s hand was pressed up against the lower part of the wall.

 You slowly walked over to Zayn, and you planted your lips on the back his neck. You trailed you lips across his neck you felt the goose bumps rise and hit the surface of your lips. Zayn turned around and spun you around with him to face the bed. Zayn and Liam both grabbed your waist and walked you over to the bed, and Zayn slid his body underneath yours, so now your body’s were completely pressed up against each others. You faces were inches apart, your lips didn’t meet though, you both were sexually frusterated at the point, but you were both enjoying it, exchanging a cheeky smiles.

 Liam put his pelvis up against your rear end and you felt his length enter into your body, which let out a slight moan from each of your mouths. Zayn then pressed up into as well, releasing out a slight moan from his mouth, and one from yours, and it gave you shivers up your spine. The boys gradually pumped faster and faster, making you moan each of their names louder with each thrust inward. The faster they pumped the less painful it felt for you.

Liam and Zayn swiftly but smoothly switched positions, so now Liam was underneath you, and Zayn was behind. They both had a different approach. Zayn was more agressive with you, he let you know that he was charge, and that turned you on. Liam was a little more carefree, but he was still a bit forceful with each pump.

 You and Liam’s lips suddenly touched, and he kissed your lips furiously as he pumped in and out of you. With each kiss it felt like he was eager for the next move. You pulled you head away slightly but Liam was still thriving for more, and while you were pulling away, he bit on to your lower lip, and letting go suddenly. He bit his lip and let go, and it almost looked like a perfect tidle wave.

You felt a hard smack on your butt, you looked behind to see Zayn was still thrusting in to you, but he also was biting down hard on his lower lip, you could tell he was trying to hold in his moans, you could hear it in the back of his throat. You flashed Zayn a cheeky smile, and with that he immediatly grabbed your waist, and held on to it as he was thrusting.

This time you could feel it more, their thrusts became more agressive and their moans became louder, they were almost screaming your name.

 They both suddenly finished with a final moan. Zayn pulled you close to him, and Liam flopped down next to you. Each of them holding your hips, and all your feet were raveled together, and you all fell in to a deep sleep.

 You woke up to the blinding light from the washroom. You stood up, and you could feel your head pounding with every step. You looked into the washroom to see Liam and Zayn both fixing their hair. They turned to you when they saw you in the white door frame and started to smile.

 You could definitely tell they did not regret it.

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